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Saturday, January 28, 2012

An airplane ride at Cedar Key Airport

Location: Cedar Key, Fl
GPS Coordinates: 29.132625, -83.051476
Date: 1/28/2012
I wanted to have a father/daughter day with my younger daughter, so we decided to go flying with Marve Franks at the Cedar Key Airport. He sits in his lawn chair next to his plane waiting for customers to arrive. He charges $25 per person or $30 per single. The ride lasts about 20 - 25 minutes and is worth every penny. He gives you a good tour of the Cedar Key area and points out many of the locations of interest during the flight. I would highly recommend taking this ride.
Here is the information I found on-line for Marvin:
From the Cedar Key News Classifieds: Marvin Franks Subject: Airplane Rides Airplane Rides $25 per person. Sat. and Sun. Noon to 4 p.m., weather permitting @ Cedar Key Airport. Other days & times available. Gift certificates available. Call Marve Franks @ 352-477-0105.
My daughter in front of some of the planes as we wait for Marvin to return from taking another couple on a flight
Marvin’s plane as he comes in for a landing
Looks like we are having a good time. This is the first flight on a small plane for both my daughter and myself
Cedar Key and the surrounding islands as seen from the air
Snoopy was the co-pilot
Here is the track that we followed during the plane rdie
Cedar Key plane ride at EveryTrail

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