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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A day of Kayaking – Hunter Springs Park and Crystal River State Park


Date: 1/22/2012

Location: Crystal River, Florida

GPS Coordinates: 28.895049, –82.593218 and 28.918904, -82.631680

Hunter Springs Park

We put in at the City Park in Crystal River for a short paddle to see the manatees at Three Sisters Springs. This city park is on the Hunter Spring Run that flows into Kings Bay. We were hoping that there would be no crowds at Three Sisters springs since it was relatively early on a Sunday morning, but no such luck. The place was packed with dive boats, pontoon boats and other water craft. It was almost a circus atmosphere. We did get to see many manatees which was nice and the paddle into three sisters spring was nice and less crowded. Always fun to see the manatees, but could do without the crowds.

No pictures from this trip, but here is the GPS track:

Crystal River Manatee Paddle at EveryTrail








Crystal River State Park

We put in at the "Mullet Hole" fishing area on the north side of the Crystal River Preserve State Park. They have a small kayak launch spot here that is easily accessible. We paddled about a mile down the series of canals that lead to the Crystal River. The paddling in the canal was nice as there was no development in this area, but is was much different when we hit the Crystal River. It was like we hit a boat highway. There were boats everywhere and did not make for an enjopyable paddle. So we turned around. So, would recommend the short paddle in the canals of the Crystal River State park, but not so much the Crystal River.

Again, no pictures, but here is where we paddled:

Crystal River State Park paddle at EveryTrail

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