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Florida Keys
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Barr Hammock Preserve

Location: Gainesville, Fl
GPS Coordinates: 29.516146, –82.307258
Date: 02/10/13
Today we decided to walk the Levy Loop trail at the Barr Hammock Preserve. This is an area that just opened to the public for hiking after being acquired by the Alachua County Forever land conservation program. Currently the hiking trails follow a series of dikes that were built years ago to help drain the land for agricultural use. The conservation program is working on returning this land to its’ natural state and to re-establish the flow of water into the prairie. More trails are planned for the future, but the trail now open is a 6.5 mile loop around the Levy Prairie.
Here is a link to the flyer that describes the hike.



Here is the GPS track of the hike:
Barr Hammock Preserve - Levy Loop Trail at EveryTrail


  1. This looks cool. We stopped only briefly to take the boardwalk out into the prairie at another spot, but bugs were so brutal that we ran back to the car like pecked chickens. Sissies. I'm so ashamed.

  2. The fall and winter are definetly the time of year to camp and spend some time outdoors in Florida. It does tend to get a little buggy in the warmer months. Unfortunately we are finding it difficult to get into any campgrounds lately are they are all filled up on the weekends. Maybe someday we can stop this working stuff and get to camp more during the week!

  3. I love that part of Florida so much. Really enjoyed your photos. Maybe I can explore this trail when I visit Ocala

  4. Really nice post on this hike. We were pressed for time on our last day at Paynes Prairie and only did the right hand side as we were looking for the nesting sand hill cranes. Found em' but so far away the pictures don't show the two little chicks unfortunately. Thanks for the comment on my blog. You guys have been to a lot of the places we have been and some we are yet to go to. Hope to hear from you often.